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Local Advantage Inc.

Developing & Expanding the Online Presence of Small Business Owners

Our 3-Step Online Marketing Strategy


Local Connection

Building an online presence is tough for small business owners. Most corporations invest thousands of dollars each month into ineffective marketing campaigns. While unsuccessful, they still consume a massive amount of online real estate.


We're here to give small business owners the Local Advantage, and help them compete with biggest businesses out there. Our Local Starter is a fantastic package for cost-effective online marketing.

Optimized Listing Features:

  • Industry Specific Keyword Research

  • Click to Call Feature

  • Navigation Feature

  • Link to Your Website

  • Incorporate Logos & Photos

  • Hours of Operation

  • Business Description

  • Respond to Online Reviews

  • Optimized Google+ Page

How do your customers search for businesses online?


"Google it."

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Expanding Your Online Presence

Publish Your Business Across the Internet

Once your business listing is optimized, its time to maximize traffic from every source. There are over 300 business directories available online, and a possible 200 million users between them.

We build optimized business listings in the top online directories to put your business in front of as many people as possible.

If you're ready to start increasing your online presence or have any questions, give us a call!

Targeted Business Directory Publishing

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Social Media & Custom Websites

Start Building Your Brand

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Our platform helps businesses share rich and authentic ideas with their customers. This technology allows us to synchronize business information online and increase the success of organic and paid advertising campaigns.

We've built tons of fantastic websites for our clients. Websites give customers a chance to form an opinion of a business before interacting with them. This is a make or break moment that should be taken seriously, image is everything in business. Our custom websites do more than just look attractive, they can be tailored with features that help your business thrive!

Social Media Management

Custom Website Design


Rank Above Online Competitors with Local Advantage

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